Looking Back Over My Betting In 2016 & Thoughts Going Forward

I’ll start with the Horse Racing, something I’m passionate about and something I am learning about all the time. Well speaking of learning, a massive loss on multiples probably cost me any chance of ever making a profit off the nags this year. It’s funny because it wasn’t like I didn’t know multiples are risky and incredibly difficult to win, but I guess sometimes you learn the hard way. 

I can trace most of it back to ill advised Antepost multiples for Cheltenham Festival 2016, where I put down lumpy stakes thinking all these good things would come together and pay off big time. No Chance. But there was nothing I could do except remember never to go down a similar path again. Although having said that I’ve already put together one Antepost 4Fold for the 2017 festival, whoops. But I’m adamant that will be the only one, I don’t mind Antepost bets in general and am aware of the risk involved with them, but from now on they will be “mostly” singles. 

Speaking of singles, I’m well aware and you should be too, that they ultimately are the best way to bet. Sure you don’t get a windfall pay out like you might if one of your accumulators actually managed to come good, but over time you can potentially make a steady profit. My single bets this year stayed in profit pretty much for the duration, which was a blessing because while they didn’t drag me out of the red completely they left the final loses across both singles and multiples looking a little less bleak.  

Regarding multiples I don’t want to rule them out altogether, but I’ve got to have a rethink on my approach, the main thing is that I believe my staking should be considerably smaller compared to what I would have on a single bets. I think I need to be stricter on how much money per month Iwould be happily prepared to lose on accumulators and such like when it comes to horse racing bets.

 I think the solution is to have seperate betting banks, one for singles and one for the multiples. Actually I’d have three, I’d have another bank or pot for Antepost bets. Everyone needs a betting bank. It doesn’t need to be a physical thing, just an amount of money that you are prepared to lose over the course of the next so many months or the year, depending how you break it down.

That leads me on to my staking on singles for the past year, which to begin with was based on the price, I’d put more on at short odds and less at long odds, anything from £2.50 Each Way to a £10 win bet is what I had have on. But don’t worry lads I soon saw the light and realised that level staking was a much more sensible approach. Easy to keep track, plus I’m rewarding myself on those rare occasions I somehow manage to pick out a double price winner. During the last few months of the year I tried my best to stick to £4.00 Win & £2.00 Each Way. I did have a few of bigger bets on Boxing Day mind. 

My plan for 2017 is to try and stick to £5.00 win and £2.50 Each Way singles on the nags. Now you’ll be asking why I’m upping the Stake a quid. Well because after some thought it’s still a very manageable amount for me, plus for most of the last 6 months my Football bets (I’ll discuss them very soon) have been with a £5.00 stake. Oh also for all you point system wankers out there, that £5.00 to me is 1 point. The only time I’m going to be staking more (and I’ve already started) is on my Anteposts. I’m going by the logic that if I’m going to wait months and months for a bet I might as well invest a decent amounts of money into it. It’s probably flawed logic but whatever. 

So then as I promised on to the Football, and well I love football betting. You would too if you landed a couple of Double figure priced accumulators that returned hundreds. But I must stop bragging and look back and discuss my approach to the betting on the beautiful game for the past six months. I’m only going to refer to the last six months, because although I’ve been betting on the football since January and have personal betting records, I only started to record my Football bets on this blog in August. 

Well the approach to the Football was to keep to betting on the big European leagues, the premier league and the football league in England only. I’d not be punting on the Romanian 3rd division or whatever. 

I also didn’t bet every day and I think this helped a lot. I would stick to Saturday and Sunday and take in some midweek betting on occasions when there were champions league or English Football League fixtures on. I think that not betting every day is something I should try more often with the horse racing. 

To continue on with the Football betting reflection, I also kept my choices of what to bet on very simple too. I mainly kept to match betting, over/under 2.5 goals or BTTS yes/no. The majority of my bets were in the match betting market though. 

Regarding match betting I decided that if a team I fancied to win a match were 6/4 or greater in price I’d take them as a single. It was an approach that paid off and you can see for yourself if you feel like checking out my football bet records for the last six months, which are on this blog on the menu above. I didn’t have many of these single bets and again the less is more approach really seemed to be beneficial.

 I also think it proves that if you look hard enough you can find a team that are overpriced. That is something which is of course important of across all kinds of betting. 

I obviously did accumulators too, mostly sticking to nothing greater than a 5Fold. It would ultimately depend on how many bets I’d have picked out on any given day. If I had six strong fancies for example I’d probably stick them in a couple of trebles. Another thing I did when it came to putting these multiples together was that I completely fucked off the notion of backing anything at a disgustingly short price like 1/6 or worse. Yes they’ll probably win most of the time, but certainly not all of the time and also those odds aren’t going to bump up the return on your Treble, 4Fold etc that much. I supppose you can put them in your 14folds if you want, but not for me. 

I’ve been keeping betting records for the past few years now and they are a big help. They help you spot what you are doing right and where you are going wrong, case in point being back at the start of this long ramble of words when I stated that multiples, specifically Antepost Cheltenham multiples, were probably the main reason I made a loss on Horse Racing bets in 2016. I can look back through these records in many different ways, for example I can look through them and decide at what kind of odds going Each Way seems more beneficial and when I’d be just as well doing a win only bet. The potential is endless.

My approach to betting in 2017 is to try and be even more smarter about it, stick to what I know or feel most passionate about putting my money on, that’s the horses and footy by the way. I’ll continue to share my bets on here and on my Twitter. If people want to follow the bets great, if not as is probably most likely the case then that’s fine too. I don’t consider myself a tipster anyway. In too many cases it seems to be a self appointed title. No I’m just a guy who likes a bet and likes sharing those bets. 

To finish I’d like to say thank you if you’ve managed to read all of that and a double thank you if you didn’t find it incredibly dull. 

If you enjoy betting: bet smart, focus your punting on things that interest you and do your research. I wish you all a profitable 2017. 



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